ID Skate #2 – November 13

2008:  12:00 pm – Mark Messier
2007:   1:15 pm – Mark Messier
2009:   2:45 pm – Mark Messier
2010:   12:15 pm – Akinsdale
2011:    1:30 pm – Akinsdale
2006 & 2005:  2:45 pm – Akinsdale
We understand that not all students are lucky enough to get the day off.  We do not encourage missing school for these skates.  Please see our full list of tryouts for additional skates.

Check out our upcoming ID skate times
It is important to attend as many skates as possible as we select players from each ID skate.

Payment Options for Team Fees

1).  Pay $500 to secure a team spot and the balance of $1400 due by March 15, 2018.
2).  Make 6 equal monthly payments of $300 starting in October and SAVE $100.
3.   Pay in full before October 30 and receive $200 of the Spring price (you pay $1700).  Contact us for details.


2018 Spring Fees

What the team fees include:  Home/away NHL style jerseys with matching socks, pant shell, practice jersey, track suit, entry into 3 tournaments, 20 practice slots of 1.5 hours.

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Introducing Can West Shooting Consultant: Chris Joseph

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Are you on a Gold – Silver AAA HockeyTeam?

There seems to be some confusion in regards to the classification of Gold - Silver AAA Hockey teams.  We are constantly getting questions online or direct phone calls asking if we are going to field Gold or Silver teams? First let us look into how these terms started...

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