What You’ll Learn from our Shooting Consultant

Can West has partnered with shooting consultant Chris Joseph, owner of BASE Hockey Edmonton, to give our players an extra edge by providing them with expert shooting instruction. Each team will work … [Read more...]

Introducing Can West Shooting Consultant: Chris Joseph

Players and parents expect skill development, high level competition and fun-filled experiences when they invest in AAA spring hockey. Can West believes in reaching and exceeding these expectations, … [Read more...]

Odd Man with Shot and Pass

Odd Man with Shot and Pass … [Read more...]

PSP Drill for handling, passing and pivoting

Drill for stick handling, passing and pivoting with the puck.   Can modify the drill to include stops and tight turns with the puck.     … [Read more...]

Pivots and Hockey Shot

This is a great drill.  Practise outside pivots and receiving the hockey puck and hockey shot. Hockey Shot Tips Question: How can I practice pivoting while shooting? Answer: Pivot to shoot … [Read more...]

Hockey Drills – Cycling

A great Hockey Drills - Cycling Perpetual Cycle 1. Coach dumps a puck in – first player goes into corner, picks up the puck, and cycles it back.2. A second player follows him in to pick up the … [Read more...]

One Timer Hockey Shot & More

Small Area Games Hockey Shot: Triangle One Timer This is a fast-paced, small area game drill that incorporates a lot of one-touch passes and one-timer shots. Works REALLY well with the right group of … [Read more...]

Hockey Drill – Shooting, Passing and Timing

A great hockey drill.  Can be introduced at younger ages, by starting with one line, building up to two lines and then three.  Emphasize timing, taking back ice.   3-Zone Timing Hockey … [Read more...]

Fun Hockey Drills

Fun hockey drills.  It includes stops (could be tight turns).  Puck protection, stick handling and combatives.  You can start with two players, progress to three then four. Top 10 Fun Hockey … [Read more...]

Hockey Passing Drill – Cross Dot

A great hockey passing drill.  This format can be built upon and several different passing and shooting options can be incorported. Cross Dot Relay Pass Skill:    Timing and traffic, Passing and … [Read more...]