What You’ll Learn from our Shooting Consultant

Can West has partnered with shooting consultant Chris Joseph, owner of BASE Hockey Edmonton, to give our players an extra edge by providing them with expert shooting instruction. Each team will work … [Read more...]

Introducing Can West Shooting Consultant: Chris Joseph

Players and parents expect skill development, high level competition and fun-filled experiences when they invest in AAA spring hockey. Can West believes in reaching and exceeding these expectations, … [Read more...]

Improving your hockey shot

Hockey shot   If you want to increase your shot power, the first thing you need to do is start concentrating your training on where it needs to be, which is the legs, hips, and … [Read more...]

Wrist Shot Hockey

Great Video on wrist shot hockey   WRIST SHOT - Use the proper stick grip and take on the proper hockey stance. For the wrist shot, move your lower hand halfway down the shaft to add power to … [Read more...]