Introducing Can West Shooting Consultant: Chris Joseph

Players and parents expect skill development, high level competition and fun-filled experiences when they invest in AAA spring hockey. Can West believes in reaching and exceeding these expectations, … [Read more...]

Have You Met Coach Schneider?

Are you ready to take your skills to the next level this season? Meet this year’s 2004 Can West coach, John Schneider. Born and raised in Sturgeon County, Schneider described himself as being a … [Read more...]

New Head Coach Signed for the 2004 Can west Bandits!

We are very excited about the new head coach for the 2004 Can west Bandits team! He comes very qualified and ready to develop our young hockey players- stay tuned for more information to be released … [Read more...]

2005 Novice Minor HEAD Coach Needed!

2005 Novice Minor Head Coach Needed If you are interested in heading up our NEW 2005 Can West team please contact Melanie at as soon as possible!. We will help with … [Read more...]