Thrive Spring Challenge: ’06 Royals Photos

Once again, we took some great shots of the '06 Can West AAA Royals in action. Some of the photos are so sweet, they look staged! Here are a few to get you … [Read more...]

’06 Royals: Photo Reel

We know how much you love photos, so we took a few of the Can West AAA Royals during their season opener on April … [Read more...]

2006 AAA Wildfire – Tryout Skate

The 2006 AAA Wildfire Skate will be held soon! The tryout date is Nov 11 at TLC in Spruce Grove.  The times are  1 to 2 pm and 3:30 to 4:30 pm. This is an established team entering it's third … [Read more...]

1998 Can West EAGLES – 2006

West EAGLES : Head Coach: Michael Benoit Asst Coach: Randy Martin Asst Coach: Bob McRae Asst Coach: Nick Fournier   1 Taylor Christie   2 Derek Patter 13 Bradley Girard 22 Derek Wilson 25 Jobe … [Read more...]

1998 Can West FALCONS 2006

1998 Can West FALCONS 2006 : Head Coach: Korey Smith Asst Coach: Lovyl Zweifel Asst Coach: Darryl Murray Team Manager: Rosa Rotundo   1 Dylan Faulkner   7 Bryce Sturm 12 Daniel Masur 28 Bradley … [Read more...]

1997 Can West GRIZZLIES 2006

1997 Can West GRIZZLIES 2006 : Head Coach: Kevin Fedorak Asst Coach: Rick Wierstra Asst Coach: Bob Marshall Team Manager: Paul & Colleen King   1 Jaedon McConnell   4 Jared Zalaski   8 Austin … [Read more...]

1997 Can West KRUSHERS – 2006

1997 Can West KRUSHERS : Head Coach: Jerome Radawetz Asst Coach: Giles Gervais Asst Coach: Ian Michener Asst Coach: Kelly Brooks Asst Coach: Anthony Nardi Team Manager: Shawna Burke   1 Keaton … [Read more...]

1997 Can West THUNDER 2006

1997 Can West THUNDER 2006 : Head Coach: Mark Menard Asst Coach: Gary Smith Asst Coach: Tom Sharp Asst Coach: Pierre Blasis Goalie Coach: Colin Cartwright Team Manager: Jason Babiuk   1 Chance … [Read more...]

1996 Can West KODIAKS 2006

1996 Can West KODIAKS 2006 : Head Coach: Chad Kendall Asst Coach: Val Carby Asst Coach: Reg Skitch Asst Coach: Eugene Adams Team Manager: Kelly Kendall   2 Colton Andersen   3 Joshua Spicer   4 … [Read more...]

1996 Can West VAN DOO 2006

1996 Can West VAN DOO 2006 : Head Coach: Douglas Nysetvold Asst Coach: Mark Nysetvold Asst Coach: Len Bobyk Team Manager: Malcolm Kirkland   5 Taylor Lotoski   7 Ryan Bott   8 Colton Bobyk   9 … [Read more...]