Thrive Spring Challenge: ’06 Royals Photos

Once again, we took some great shots of the '06 Can West AAA Royals in action. Some of the photos are so sweet, they look staged! Here are a few to get you … [Read more...]

Can West Alumni Clarke MacArthur Returns After Long Recovery

Can West alumni Clarke MacArthur is back in the spotlight after nearly two years of concussion recovery. He hit the ice on April 4 against the Detroit Red Wings for the first time since October 2015 … [Read more...]

’09 Penguins Winning Ways Continue

The Penguins were back on the ice this past weekend (April 15-16) battling Sherwood Park Chain at Callingwood Arena. The Penguins came out strong and earned themselves the game, with the final score … [Read more...]

’06 Royals: Photo Reel

We know how much you love photos, so we took a few of the Can West AAA Royals during their season opener on April … [Read more...]

’08 Wolves – “Thriving” This Weekend

Congratulations to the '08 Wolves! Already this year, the '08's have surpassed last year's game wins total. This past weekend in Leduc, the Wolves, led by Head Coach Chris Lizotte, won the Thrive … [Read more...]

Thrive Tournament Results – ’04 Chargers

The '04 Can West Chargers had a tough go at the Thrive Tournament in Leduc this past weekend (April 14-16). Losing their 3 pool games meant one last consolation game to avoid 8th place on Saturday … [Read more...]

’07 Outriders Week 2 Rink Report

The '07 Outriders had a great second weekend. Saturday kicked off with a practice that reinforced the team philosophy: "Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard." Later that evening, the … [Read more...]

’04 Chargers Players Selected for Prospects Cup Teams

The rosters for the 2017 Alberta PeeWee Prospects Cup teams were announced today. Four players from the Chargers team have been selected! The PeeWee Prospects Cup takes place every second year between … [Read more...]

Follow the PeeWee Major ’04 Chargers

This season, the '04 Chargers are on Twitter. Follow @CWest2004 for live updates on all the hard hitting action of the peewee majors. This weekend, April 14 to 16, the Chargers are playing in the … [Read more...]

’08 Wolves: Highs & Lows

Coach Lizotte was disappointed with the outcome of week two -- a 6-1 loss to the Spartans during this past weekend. However, he remains highly optimistic for the rest of the season, as one game … [Read more...]