About Can West AAA Hockey

Welcome to the Can West AAA Hockey website.

The Canada West All-stars were formed in the fall of 2000 to provide a fresh and new alternative in the AAA hockey scene. The teams played there first games in the Spring of 2001.  Right from day one Can West AAA Hockey was front and centre in the hockey scene in Canada.  Our organization is based in Edmonton, Alberta and averages an enrollment of 300 players per year.

The guiding philosophies are:

1.  To allow the elite Hockey player to develop his or her talents, by playing with and against the top AAA hockey players in their age category. Our teams attend hockey tournaments across North America and Europe.

2.   To focus on team development as well as individual growth and character enrichment on and off the ice.  We provide opportunities for the Elite hockey players, and a development program for the potential elite players.  We understand that not all hockey players develop at the same rate.

3.   To develop progressive leadership within our organization so our mission is successful and carried on long into the future.

Please note the Canada West All Stars have also been called Can West AAA Hockey, Canada West and just Can West.  We have in the spring of 2008 changed our logo to include Can West on our team jerseys.  We have become well known in the AAA Hockey scene especially in Northern Alberta and the Edmonton area. Please click here to find out why you should play for our hockey organization.

We invite you to check back often as we are continually adding new material to this website.  It is our hope to make this an informational site for all who are interested in hockey and AAA hockey.  We will be adding content in the area of hockey drills, hockey skills and much more. It is our intent to provide information not only for Can West AAA Hockey members but also the hockey community in general.