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Haydn Fleury named to Team Canada

On Monday Haydn Fleury, former Can West player, for several years, was named to Team Canada under 18 team. Haydn Is ranked as a first round pick in next years draft. The team will head to Czech … [Read more...]

Bearcats team returning for another year!

Thanks for the kind words Doug, Spring 2014 will once again find the Bearcats team proudly flying the Canwest flag. … [Read more...]

Thanks for a great year!

Hey once again I just want to say thanks for another GREAT YEAR! We definitely found a lot more success this year. We were probably the second best 2004 Edmonton team.  Their was only one team we … [Read more...]

Hockey Drills – Cycling

A great Hockey Drills - Cycling Perpetual Cycle 1. Coach dumps a puck in – first player goes into corner, picks up the puck, and cycles it back.2. A second player follows him in to pick up the … [Read more...]

Improving your hockey shot

Hockey shot   If you want to increase your shot power, the first thing you need to do is start concentrating your training on where it needs to be, which is the legs, hips, and … [Read more...]

Wrist Shot Hockey

Great Video on wrist shot hockey   WRIST SHOT - Use the proper stick grip and take on the proper hockey stance. For the wrist shot, move your lower hand halfway down the shaft to add power to … [Read more...]


SPONSORS 2013   Our Knights would like to thank our 2013 sponsors very much!  With your contributions you have greatly helped our team and directly helped each of our players and their families this … [Read more...]

Knights Windup

Thank you to all you wonderful Knights players, coaches and families for making this Spring season so awesome!!!!   … [Read more...]