Archives for September 2012

New Head Coach Signed for the 2004 Can west Bandits!

We are very excited about the new head coach for the 2004 Can west Bandits team! He comes very qualified and ready to develop our young hockey players- stay tuned for more information to be released … [Read more...]

2005 Novice Minor HEAD Coach Needed!

2005 Novice Minor Head Coach Needed If you are interested in heading up our NEW 2005 Can West team please contact Melanie at as soon as possible!. We will help with … [Read more...]

Tryouts Winding Down

By now tryouts winding down for most organizations.  We would like to hear the successes of Can West player as they are having their tryouts for winter teams.  We have as an organization a number of … [Read more...]

One Timer Hockey Shot & More

Small Area Games Hockey Shot: Triangle One Timer This is a fast-paced, small area game drill that incorporates a lot of one-touch passes and one-timer shots. Works REALLY well with the right group of … [Read more...]

Ted Dolinski

We are sorry to announce the passing of Mr Ted Dolinski.  Ted was our insurance broker since 2001! His son has attended many of the tournaments featuring our teams. We would like to send our sincerest … [Read more...]